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LAM Constructions Group - Hong Kong

Grupo Minero La Esmeralda - Colombia

Samicor - Namibia

Geoscience Australia - Australia
AAM Hatch/EGS Survey (Aust) - Australia
Virginia Institute of Marine Science - USA
Marine Geosolutions - South Africa

NAMCO - South Africa  

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Selected projects completed by Quaternary Resources P/L


2009/10 DOF Subsea Pty Ltd/Boskalis: Cyclone Mooring Investigation Surveys: cyclone mooring investigations at Mary Anne Group of Islands and Dampier Archipelago (NW Shelf of Western Australia).

Chevron - DOF Subsea Pty Ltd: Gorgon Gas Project: cyclone mooring investigations at Montebello Islands, Barrow Islands and Mary Anne Group of Islands (NW Shelf of Western Australia).

Foundex Pty Ltd, Vancouver, British Colombia Canada: geotechnical investigation for proposed port expansion at Prince Rupert (northern British Colombia).

SRK Exploration and Grupo Minero La Esmeralda Colombiana, Barranquilla, Colombia, South America: Iron sand exploration and assessment program.

Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation: resistivity investigations, Broken Bay and Jervis Bay, New South Wales. 


Connell Wagner Pty Ltd, Adelaide, South Australia: Port Stanvac - Adelaide Desalination Plant Offshore Pipeline Investigations: geotechnical and contaminated site investigations.

Port of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand: preliminary geotechnical and contaminated sediment investigations for proposed pre-dredging survey for the expansion of the Port Chambers facility.

Rio Tinto Exploration, New Plymouth, New Zealand: iron sand resource investigations.  


Geolab, Port of Pelepas, Malaysia:  geotechnical investigations related to expansion of the port facilities including proposed dredging program.

URS, Lakes Entrance, Victoria: geotechnical investigation for Port's Victoria dredging program.


Fugro, New Zealand:  Vibracoring and geotechnical advice in relation to Tui Oilfield Development (New Zealand) - 5m to 6m cores collected in 120m water depth as part of site geotechnical investigations.

Iron Ore New Zealand Ltd, New Zealand: Vibracoring and geotechnical advice in relation to marine ironsand resources offshore of New Plymouth (NZ). Cores to 5m length collected in water depths of up to 50m

Geosciences Australia, Australia:  Vibracoring and surface sediment sampling in the Fitzroy River delta (Queensland). A research project involving ground truthing of the seabed using remote sensing / seabed characterisation technologies.


Geosciences Australia, Australia:  Vibracoring and surface sediment sampling in Cockburn Sound ( Western Australia).  A research project involving ground truthing of the seabed using remote sensing / seabed characterisation technologies.


Virginia Institute of Marine Science, USA: Training in the operation of the SEAS vibracorer.

EGS (Asia ) Limited, Hong Kong:  Vibracoring project in the Gulf of Thailand for Bechtel. Drilled 256 vibracores in 176 hours (an unofficial world record) along a 500 line km pipeline route.

NIWA, New ZealandVibracoring of the shoreface and inner shelf deposits for coastal process investigations at Tairua and Pauanui, North Island New Zealand.

Marine Geosolutions, South Africa:  Training in the operation of the SEAS vibracorer.

Thales Geosolutions, AustraliaVibracoring program along pipeline route, eastern Bass Strait.

2002 Washington Department of Ecology, USA:  Supervision and implementation of a vibracoring program for investigations into the long term coastal-inner shelf sediment budget on the Columbia River continental shelf. Thirty-three cores of up to 6.5m in length were collected in water depths of up to 75m.

University of Sydney/University of Newcastle, Australia: An ARC funded geological investigation of low sea level deposits on the NSW and southern Queensland continental shelf. Some 40 vibracores up to 6.5m in length were collected, in water depths of up to 140m, from the CSIRO RV Franklin in November-December, 1998. QR co-ordinated drilling and core processing and assisted in the selection of samples for TL and radiocarbon dating.

Cockburn Cement Ltd, Western Australia:  Alternative Marine Shell-sand Resources Project. The preparation of detailed geological advice on the alternate shell-sand resources on the Rottnest continental shelf ( Western Australia ) suited to production of quicklime and cement prospects. QR was responsible for undertaking two marine drilling (vibracore) programs, co-ordination of the core sample analyses, and reporting of the results. A total of 180 cores were recovered. All field data and log analyses were consolidated into a GIS database using Mapinfo and MS Access/Excel.  

1998 Namco, South AfricaTraining in the operation of the SEAS vibracoring system on the Namibian continental shelf.
1997 Cambridge Gulf Exploration NL, Australia:  QR carried out a surface and subsurface sediment sampling program in exploration licences in the Joseph Bonaparte Gulf, northwestern Western Australia. The program included the collection of 35 vibracores (avg. recovery >4m) and in excess of 200 surface sediment samples for the assessment of marine diamond deposits.

RACAL Survey, Malaysia Geological investigations in the Bay of Bengal for Cairn Energy. The project involved vibracoring to 7m, and core logging at well head sites and bay-shore pipeline routes.

Western Mining Corporation, Australia:  Geological investigations in Exploration Licences within the Joseph Bonaparte Gulf. The program of coring was successfully completed with high quality vibracore samples collected for stratigraphic interpretation, correlation with the seismic data set, and testing.

1995 Auckland Uniservices Ltd, New Zealand: Pakiri Sand Study - Vibrocore drilling and interpretation of the Quaternary inner continental shelf sediment stratigraphy. Pakiri, New Zealand.
1994 Patterson Britton & Partners: Ulmarra Bank Erosion Investigation - Vibracore drilling and interpretation of bank stability. Northern NSW.

RACAL Surveys, Australia:  Geotechnical investigation of the sea bed for Ampolex along the proposed route of a gas pipeline, Wandoo Field to Varanus Island, NW Shelf, Western Australia.

Metromix Pty. Ltd, Australia:  (Pioneer-C.S.R. Joint Venture): Sydney Marine Aggregate Proposal - Geological and resource studies in the Cape Banks and Providential Head Exploration Licenses, offshore of Sydney, for the Environmental Impact Statement.

McElhanney-Telstra, Australia: Geotechnical investigation along proposed route of fibre optical cable between Victoria and Tasmania, Bass Strait, Australia.

Balzen & Associates, Australia: Sea wall stability investigation, Garden Island, Sydney Harbour, Australia.


DREDECO, Australia: Dredged fill sampling and assessment - Sydney's Parallel Runway Project - Quality assurance program.

Australian Zircon P/L, Australia: Exploration program and resource assessment for heavy mineral sands off the east coast of King Island, Bass Strait .

RACAL Surveys, Australia: Geotechnical investigation of the sea bed for BHP Petroleum's oil/gas Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) facility and pipeline route, Griffin Field, N-W shelf, Australia.

RACAL Surveys, Australia: Geotechnical investigation of the sea bed for BHP Petroleum's oil/gas Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) facility and pipeline route, SKUA Field, northern Australia .


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