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Vibracore sample

Photos of Vibrocore  Operation

Vibrator Unit:

Aluminium / Steel watertight head containing two 3-phase electric motors.

Weight = 110kg

Vibration frequency: 1000 rpm with 50 Hz or 1250 rpm with 60Hz.

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Power Supply:

415 or 220 VAC 3-phase .

5 KVA required.

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Switch Gear:

Circuit Breaker 3 VE 1000.

Watertight marine connectors.

Control Box: consists of 2 units: circuit breaker unit which connects directly to power supply and an external ON/OFF switch box.



Demountable tubular aluminium construction with quick release scaffolding fittings for legs. Can be configured for cores from 1.0m to 6.0m long.

Typical operating height 6.8m for 6.0m core barrels and 3.8 for 3.0m core barrels (see photos of 6m and 3m tower configuration).

Weight incl. lead weights installed: c. 140kg (not incl. Vibrator Unit).

vibracorer vibrocorer vibrator unit

Vibrator Unit

Core Barrels:

Aluminium extruded tubing: Alloy 6062 or 6060, Temper 5.

Standard:  76mm ID, 80mm OD, 2mm-wall thickness.

Core Catcher/Cutters:

Steel bits with spring steel leaf catchers.

Fit 76mm ID barrel. Rivet to core barrel.


Penetration: Up to 6m in well-sorted, compacted sand. Greater penetration in muddy sediments, less in semi-consolidated gravels or stiff clays.

Typical time for full (6m) penetration in compacted fine to medium grained sands: 0.5 - 2 minutes.

Core penetration is marked on the barrel by the gate at base of the tower.

Core is retained in disposable aluminium barrels, which can be cut to suitable length for transport and also cut longitudinally for on-site analysis. Split core halves can be archived by wrapping in cling wrap and storage in plastic sleeves.

vibracore vibrocore deployment

Assembled Vibracorer


Remote: from ships of opportunity of ~ 50ft (+15m) length or greater for work in exposed marine environments to water depths of 150m.  Barges from 10m length are suitable for protected water coring.  Vessels must have either hydraulic or electric winches capable of a minimum of 3 tonne pull or hydraulic crane (HIAB type with winch) with same performance.


The vibracorer is easily transportable in crates.

Total mobilisation weight is typically 500kg, excluding core barrels.

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