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vibracorer vibrocorer vibra corer aluminium tower

Aluminium vibracore tower


vibracorer vibrocorer vibrocorer on deck of boat

vibracorer vibrocorer vibrocorer on deck of boat

Vibracorer on barge with Hiab


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vibracorer vibrocorer vibra corer vibro corer

Assembly of vibracore on deck

vibracorer - lowering legs for deployment

Lowering legs ready for deployment

3m tower configuration

vibrocoring tower ready for deployment

Vibracore ready for deployment

6m tower configuration

lowering vibracoring tower to seabed

Deployment of vibracorer with A-frame and winch


deplying vibra corer with Hiab

Deployment with Hiab

vibracore continuous sediment sample or corevibrocore continuous sediment sample or core

Typical recovered cores

See photos of tower configuration for 3 metre and 6 metre cores

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